Why Mosaic

Mosaic is an exclusive, award-winning magazine with original content tailored around you and your clients.

Created distinctly different from traditional, financial marketing materials,
Mosaic is designed to position you as the source of inspiration in your clients’ lives.
Everything you do—manage wealth, provide advice—influences how they live.

Courtesy of you, they are inspired to enjoy more.

Manage wealth. Inspire life.

Keep Visibly Connected

Six bimonthly (or four quarterly) touches keep you visible and connected—crucial to
building and deepening relationships—as well as support the value you already deliver.


New Ways for You to Connect!
As a subscriber to Mosaic, you receive four curated and exclusive stories on your website and
on your social media dashboard six-times per year — at no additional cost.

91% of FAs surveyed agreed that Mosaic has been effective in strengthening client relationships.

Reading about travel destinations, planning family celebrations and discovering new
flavors can spark enjoyment for your clients, at any time.

Manage wealth. Inspire life.

Build Meaningful Relationships

People gather leisurely around coffee tables and reception areas. Magazines have a lengthy
shelf life; thereby, increasing your exposure and inviting new conversations with you.

Ease introductions to individuals with whom you do not have a primary relationship, such as clients’
beneficiaries, centers of influence, board members, community business leaders and alumni.

51% of clients follow up with their FA on at least an occasional basis after a mailing.

Manage wealth. Inspire life.

Grow Your Practice

Studies show that generating a new customer is up to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Mosaic is an effective business-development tool for acquisition, retention or engagement.
Highlight your capabilities in managing wealth. Augment your brand story by personalizing the inside
front and back covers. Add Mosaic to your integrated marketing plan.

47% of FAs agree it has been effective in increasing client referrals.

Manage wealth. Inspire life.

Success Stories

Mosaic inspires clients.

Hear from Your Peers

“FAs would be wise to invest in their brand and invest in their practice because it gets people’s attention. My client wrote back “Got the recent copy of the Mosaic from you folks…nice read…appreciate same.”

Al Fox, Mount Laurel, NJ

“As a Branch Manager, I use Mosaic to stay connected with my recruits and their feedback has been extremely positive. The content is enjoyable, extremely popular and relevant to their interests. Also, FAs who have used Mosaic also like it. Mosaic is definitely and distinctly better than the previous [other] magazine.”

Ron Yoo, Branch Manager

“We have had numerous calls from clients who LOVE the magazine! I just got off the phone with another
client who said that he and his wife sat down and read it this morning , cover to cover. Mosaic is a personal
and professional way for us to automatically put ourselves in front of our clients an additional six times per year.”

Sam, SVP, Financial Advisor

“Mosaic is a component of my retention strategy to build a moat around my clients, who love reading Mosaic. I also send the Mosaic magazine to clients who own their businesses; the exposure has worked well for me and I have actually gotten new clients via Mosaic. It’s a non-business, non-financial touch that solidifies relationships and delivers a positive experience. I just have to make sure I read it first because my clients really call me every time they enjoy Mosaic!”

Robert Barberis, Albany, NY