How do I access the website? How do I login?

Type in in a blank browser
1. There is a Login button on top right corner; please click to type your
2. Morgan Stanley email address and password to login
(Be sure to spell out MorganStanley)

How do I order a sample?

There is a “request a free sample” on the Mosaic home page Fill out the required fields with your information or email support at or call Mosaic at +1.626.755.9590

Can I preview Mosaic Magazine online?

Yes, there is a Preview tab on the Mosaic home page.
1. Click on Preview to be redirected to the digital format
2. Hover your mouse over the open book icon on bottom left to view our current and past issues in a digital format
3. Click on the gear tool at bottom right hand corner to download a PDF of the issue

How much does it cost to send Mosaic to my clients?

There is a Pricing tab on the Mosaic homepage
1. We offer 2 editions: Bimonthly (6x a year) and Quarterly (4x a year)
2. Minimum quantity to order is 25 copies.
3. There is one-time setup fee of $149 on your first order of Mosaic

How do I pay for Mosaic? Can I pay with a credit card?

We do not accept credit cards, you pay for Mosaic with your BDA/AFG funds, or your Team’s BDA/AFG. If your Branch is covering the cost we need authorization from the Branch Manager. Note: Funds are automatically debited each issue.

What can I customize in Mosaic?

Information on cover customizations can be found under the Customize tab from the home page
1. You will be required to customize 4 covers and the tear-out card:
Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Front Cover (IFC), Inside Back Cover (IBC) and Tear-Out Cards
2. Each issue will have a new IFC letter introducing the lifestyle magazine to your clients
3. The IFC showcases you and/or your team information
4. Select 1 ad from a library of pre-designed Morgan Stanley ads to include on your magazine for the IBC
5. Select 2 different recipes or 2 different conversation starter questions for the Tear-Out Cards

My password is not working

Click on “I forgot my password” on login page. The system will send you a recovery password

I didn’t get the password-reset email, what now?

Check your junk folder or please contact Mosaic support at +1.626.755.9590. They will provide you with temporary login

How do I update/change my password?

Once you login, you can click on MY PROFILE tab to update/change password. Scroll down to the bottom of page, where you will see the field for change password and confirm password. Be sure to “SAVE” after changing password
Note: Make sure your new password is at least 8 characters long with a minimum of 1 number


MY PROFILE page contains your contact information. You can review and update contact details and reset passwords if needed.

How do I access or edit my mail list?

Select MY LIST from the menu tabs
1. To add new clients, click on the green + sign
2. To upload/replace mail list, click on the arrow pointing up
(Note: this action will replace existing mail list that’s within the system)
3. To download excel mail list to your computer, click on the arrow pointing down
4. To edit client, click on the blue pencil tool
5. To delete client, click on the red trash tool

How do I change/update my photo?

Select MY PHOTO from the menu tabs
1. Upload your high-resolution photo using this page.
Note: Only horizontal images can be used on the tear-out card, so if your image is vertical, please upload it as vertical and upload it again as horizontal
2. Be sure you click ”active” next to your photo so that it appears in your customizations

Where do I customize my magazine?

Select MY CUSTOMIZED PAGES from the menu tabs
1. All 4 covers and 1 tear-out- card need to be customized
2. Select edit on each page to begin your customization and updates, or select preview to review current customization

What are custom templates?

You can use custom templates to write your own personalized letter to your clients.
Note: Custom letters, require a CRC code from Morgan Stanley compliance.

How much do I pay?

You must be logged in to view this information. If you were a subscriber prior to August 2016, you may have a grandfathered rate - contact
1. From the overhead menu, please click MY QUANTITIES
2. Review selected quantities here
3. If you decide to change your subscription plan, please make sure to email the Mosaic team at so they can ensure the changes carry through on the back end

I need help with my account…

If a subscriber needs help with anything, reach out to us by clicking support or click on our online chat feature.