Brand Yourself.
Customize Your Message.

Each issue of Mosaic offers you multiple
customization options.

Front Cover

Feature your name in a marquee position — right above the magazine masthead. And since “Compli- ments of” always precedes your name, clients are continuously reminded that Mosaic is your gift to them.

Inside Front Cover

Get personal. Introduce each issue of Mosaic with your customized opening letter. Or, select a pre-written letter. This space also includes a photo of you or your team, and your contact information to help you stay in touch and upfront.

Inside Back Cover

Highlight your wealth management capabilities. Select from a library of pre-approved topics, and images that help demonstrate your capabilities. Or customize the messaging to feature particular events or charities or resources.

Culinary and Conversation Cards

A recipe for success. Select from available recipes or topics that prompt conversations, either with family, friends or you. The cards can be torn out of the magazine, saved, and/or shared.